I would love to help you finding out where you are now in your healthjourney, what the root-causes are  and what to do to help your body recover.  Anthony William talks about 2 imortant parts to heal from chronic illnes; No 1 is to find out the root-cause and no 2 is to learn what to do about it. Every single person is unique, and we all have different strenghts and weaknesses. Let´s find your strengths and your root-causes!

I work mostly with food as medicine and I still get surprised of how big difference "some greens" can do.

I also look at nutrition, herbs, supplements, lifestyle, habits, training and mental health. It is important to see the whole picture, body, soul, mind and spirit.

The advise I give is based on the teachings of Medical Medium Anthony William, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage, Bioresonance, my own experiences and intuition.

I work with clients one on one in my clinic in Finspång and also online via phone or Zoom.

When you book an appointment, you will first get a formular to fill in and send back to me no later than 2 days before our first meeting. I will read it all before our appointment and then we have more time to speak about solutions and the next step.

A follow-up-meeting are very good to make a plan for from the start when we know the need and possiblities. 

First appointment: 1550kr 60minutes online or one to one.




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