About Pernilla

About me Pernilla

I believe we all can heal if we only find the right tools and the chance to take back our power. The power of true knowledge and knowing deep within that our bodies work for us nonstop and that we truly can heal.

The tools we need can be for example relaxation, meditation, training, food, vitamins, treatments etc...

Todays society is full of trends about how to live our lives, what to eat, what not to eat, how to train, how to sleep etc. It can all be confusing especially since there are so many different opinions and contradictions. 

What shall we believe in? Who can we trust?

Those are questions I frequently have been asking myself. 

My daughter have been seriously ill wich has led me searching worldwide for answers for 14 years.  We have tried a lot, conventional and alternative treatments, lots of diets and I have read all the articles available on the subject.. Some of it has been helpful but not all the way. It wasn´t until we 2017, when we went to Japan for treatment and also found the information from Medical Medium, Anthony William, as we knew we found what we had been looking for.

My daughter went symtom free from diagnoses as JIA, Reynauds syndrome, MAS, Lupus, severe osteoporis and kidney injury and without medical treatments.  

From being wheelchair bound and harldy able to function, she was able to be happy  and to go to school, graduate, bike, work out and hang oround with her friends just as an ordinary teenager.

She got her life back and we as a family too. This was truly a miracle.

Life is a journey and living on planet earth sure has it`s challenges, maybe now more than ever. 

We as so many others get setbacks. But. We do know we have the tools to care for us and we know we can heal. Wow, that´s so powerful. 

All this new fantastic knowledge from Medical Medium makes a good blend with my former learnings and experiences as acupunturist, massage therapist etc. 

I also made the discovery that I love to talk. I love to share what brings meaning to my life and all that has helped me. Me and my family had the opportunity to get true guidance when we needed it, I would love you to have that too.